Road Map to Healing after Sexual Trauma!
The Map and The Tools to Heal Your Life!

Are you tired of feeling bad about yourself because of what happened to you. Ready to take your power back and start to really live a wholehearted life!

With the 3 videos you will also receive:

  •  The road map and the outline of the steps to healing.
  • How to identify the things that are holding you back so you can make progress now.
  •  What kind of support is helpful at each stage of the journey.

If you are new to healing, be gentle with yourself. The work of healing takes a committment to yourself, some time and willingness to learn new things.  If you have tried other things, made some progress but still feel stuck, this program can help you.  

The tools and resouces that I am giving you will get you far!  It is all up to you!  This is what worked for me, I know it can work for you too!

I believe in you! 

In Love and Light.

Svava Brooks